Bigcommerce Reviews 2021 – The Best Online Store Builder is one of the easy & best ecommerce website builders where you can host your online store. Over the years the platform has worked hard in ensuring that it offers the best service throughout the globe having its offices at San Francisco, Austin & Sydney. From the small startup companies to big e-commerce giants from 150+ countries are running their online stores actively on this platform. In a recent development BigCommerce has joined hand with Walmart, one of the largest retailer. Henceforth BigCommerce  merchants in US now can apply to sell on 

bigcommerce global presence

Some of the latest development are as follows:

Addition of new responsive themes that work on a number of devices such as smartphones, desktops, tablets and laptops.

Integration of the Bigcommerce with Google Trusted Stores. This aids in boosting buyer confidence and trust.

Addition of “traffic engine’ which aids in improving your marketing strategies by helping you to complete your marketing tasks within a very short time.

Launching of the “Bigcommerce University” where you can learn everything you need to know.

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BigCommerce usage statistics 

Bigcommerce usages dataAs per trends, there are around 1,50,399 websites using BigCommerce ecommerce platform. Most of the subscribers are from USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Canada & some other countries. There are around 40,743 subscribers from United States

BigCommerce reviews on templates

The platform comes with free & paid e-commerce templates that you can use on your site. The good side is that you can easily edit the templates using either HTML or CSS. If you don’t want to work online you can download the Bigcommerce themes and work on them offline.

Bigcommerce-Ecommerce-TemplatesOn the free templates, you can upload your online store logo, integrate your social sharing buttons, build a homepage slider, and even restructure your store email snippets. Overall you can create a professional e-commerce platform like any other leading online stores using Bigcommerce e-commerce web design.

Bigcommerce web design

Bigcommerce understands that not everyone has the technical knowledge and this is why it simplifies your daily store tasks into a simple user interface. Everything you need to do is on the dashboard and you can easily do everything from there.

From the dashboard, you can create unlimited product options, sell non-tangible products such as tickets, create product rules, organize your inventory, manage your orders, and do many other things. Besides these, you can also get valuable analytics like which products are bringing more traffic, which customer purchasing what & many other insider reports.

Since you can do ecommerce website design you need to do with the touch of a button, you are able to complete your tasks fast thus you have more time to concentrate on your business and grow your brand.

Bigcommerce payment gateways

Bigcommerce comes with more than 60 payment gateways including leading gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Secure net, 2checkout & Simplify Commerce etc. From the 60+ options, you can choose the favorite payment solution providers & set up any numbers payment processors you like with your online stores.

Bigcommerce seo review

With Bigcommerce website builder one can optimize titles, description & keywords for better visibility and rank in search engines. They also backed by CDN hosting to enable the customers to view your e-commerce platform with lightning speed. So it increases your website traffic by allowing more customers to view & purchase the products displayed for sale online.

Bigcommerce e-commerce hosting

Bigcommerce provides an unlimited amount of bandwidth with its entire e-commerce hosting plans. So with Bigcommerce, you can accommodate millions of customers at one time at your eCommerce store. You will have 3GB storage with Silver Plan & unlimited storage with Gold & Platinum plans for hosting content, images & videos required for your online store. It also comes with 100% back up of your online store so you can retrieve at any time if something goes wrong.

For the safety of the visitors, they provide SSL certificate for your online shopping cart so that the personal information, credit card details and other information of customers remain secured while shopping.

Bigcommerce university

If you need to complete a given task and you don’t know how to go about it you don’t have to worry about it. All you need to do is to visit the Bigcommerce University and you will get all the answers that you need. From the university, you will learn how to build your online store, build customer loyalty, attract customers, and create buyers.

The tutorials are in video form thus all you need to do is to watch. The good thing is that the videos are short and concise thus they won’t bore you.

Bigcommerce app store

Bigcommerce has an app store where you can download the apps that you think will add more functions to your online store. The apps have a number of functions that include: improving your customer service, integrating point of sale systems and increasing advertising. Some of the apps are free while others have a monthly fee.

Powering 70k+ Online Stores! Try it Free Now With BigCommerce!

BigCommerce vs Shopify

Both BigCommerce & Shopify are the best ecommerce platforms to build an online store. You need to browse the features & benefits of both the store builders to know which ecommerce platform is best for you. The basis of choosing the right store builder purely depend on your requirements.

BigCommerce Pricing

Bigcommerce had three plans i.e. Silver, Gold, and Platinum but as of April 2015, they have revised their pricing plan. Please refer to new pricing structure while registering for their service.

Bigcommerce Pricing

Standard plan

You are charged $29.95 every month in order to have this plan. When you have the plan you will have access to unlimited products and bandwidth. You will also have access to unlimited storage space which was earlier restricted to 3GB in their previous plan named as Silver. If you have an old shopping cart, you need to pay a onetime $325 for data migration. For every transaction, your store generates Bigcommerce will charge you a 1.5% fee while for Plus & Enterprise plans you don’t have to pay any transaction fees. Overall you have everything to start an online store, which is included in their revised plan including receipt of payment through credit card and Paypal.

Plus plan

You need to pay a monthly fee of $79.95 and you will have access to unlimited products, storage space, and bandwidth. With the Plus plan, you have features like real-time carrier shipping, Omni-Channel sales tools, top payment providers & many more advanced features. To transfer data from your old shopping cart you need to pay a one-time fee while data migration is free for Enterprise plan. The good side with this plan is that it comes with an abandoned cart saver. Abandoned cart recovery feature only available with higher plans of Bigcommerce & Shopify e-commerce website builders.

Enterprise plan

Bigcommerce Enterprise plan is a totally customized plan where you can ask for a special quote according to your own need. Through the plan, you will have access to unlimited products, storage space, and bandwidth. You shall have all the premium features suitable for high-level business.  The cool thing about it is that you don’t have to pay any transaction fees. You also have the benefit of free store transfer and expert setup. The Bigcommerce API calls per hour are 20,000 in the case of Standard & Plus plans whereas it is up to your requirement in case of Bigcommerce Enterprise plan.

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BigCommerce Essentials

BigCommerce essentials are combination of essential tools which help you to start & scale your ecommerce business from the scratch. This consists of  essential tools which will help you to build your online store through the following way.

With BigCommerce’s built in advance features you can

  • Build your online store with ease.   
  • Drive traffic to your store.
  • Sell your product online.

Bigcommerce support

Bigcommerce support portal for the existing subscribers is always open to help store owners with any sort of difficulties. They have easy tutorial videos starting from configuring your store to design, marketing & accounts etc.  You can contact their support team through telephone, live chat & email.

They also have country-specific dedicated numbers to speak with an expert:

USA & Canada -1-888-699-8911 United Kingdom -0808-189-1224 Australia -1800-821-758 New Zealand -0800-001046 Indonesia -803-015-203-9781 Malaysia -1800-813-018 Singapore -800-120-6457 India -000-800-100-4447 All Other Countries -1-512-758-7588 

Apart from the support team, Bigcommerce has a Forum where you can get help & advice from fellow store owners to run and market your online store.

At the end of Bigcommerce reviews, we highly recommend as a powerful eCommerce platform by which you can double your online sales & also help you improve your online visibility tremendously than other e-commerce platforms.

If you are ready to get started, you should go ahead and start your 15-day free trial now.