Shopify Reviews 2021- Is Shopify Right For You?

In order to make an online store,  it is important to choose the right ecommerce website builder first. Shopify is one of the largest and best cloud-hosted e-commerce platforms. We present here an in-depth review on benefits, features, pricing, pros & cons of Shopify to find out if this is the right ecommerce platform for you.

According to the creators of the site, over 600,000 stores use it. When you host your shop with Shopify you don’t need to access to the back-end code which makes it very easy for you to customize your shop as you want.

Why should you choose Shopify

There are many benefits that come with Shopify. Find some of the Shopify benefits on the most common ones as follows. 

Easy to set up

When you sign up you don’t have to install any software, templates or configure any servers. All you need to do is to sign up and start building your online store.

build your shopify online store

Shopify themes detail

“Themes” define how your store looks thus you need to install the best ones in order to give your store a professional look. The good thing is that Shopify provides you a number of free ecommerce website templates that you can easily customize with your logo, color, and font. You can choose from an array of Shopify templates which have been shorted out industry wise with different features. Shopify also has premium ecommerce website templates available on payment basis by which you can make custom ecommerce website design.

Shopify Themes

Shopify’s main language is based on Liquid which is quick to learn; therefore, if you have a good understanding you can easily customize your themes by this drag and drop website builder software. If you don’t have the right skills you don’t have to worry as you only need to hire a professional who will modify the themes for you. You can choose from the panel of Shopify approved ecommerce website designers for a fee starting from as low as $100 to help you set up your online store.

shopify website design

The good thing with all the themes is that they are responsive; therefore, they automatically adjust themselves to the size of the screen and device. This ensures that people are able to access your site regardless of the devices that they are using.

Shopify e-commerce hosting

Shopify ecommerce hosting reviewDo you hate technical details? Then Shopify is the site to go with. When you sign up you don’t have to worry about technical details as everything is done for you. For example, you don’t need to worry about maintaining or securing your servers with Shopify e-commerce hosting. All of this is done for you and all you need to concentrate on is growing your brand.

Shopify Apps

Shopify Apps reviewApps are very common nowadays and are used on almost all sites. Shopify has made it very easy for you to add apps to your shop. This makes it easy for you to increase your sales. To add functionality to the store you only need to buy the apps or get free apps on the Shopify app store.

Shopify SEO review

Shopify SEO reviewTo increase the number of traffic to your online store it’s important that you optimize your site. It’s very easy to optimize your site as you can easily edit page descriptions, page titles, and metadata. All of these are very important for SEO purposes and greatly improve the ranking of your website in search engines.

Shopify payment gateways

Shopify payment gatewayShopify provides its customers with a secured e-commerce shopping cart solution for the eCommerce websites hosted with them. The customer can purchase articles through VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and other credit cards in addition to the PayPal payment processor. Once the online shop owner got more volume of sale he can opt for other payment gateways out of more than 50 payment gateways available for integration.

Shopify API documentation

Shopify API documentationShopify has a whole detail API documentation guide on starting from building Shopify apps to authentication & integrations Shopify API. Apart from the detail documentation, you can also take the help regarding any API issue by raising a question in the developer forum.

Shopify abandoned cart recovery feature

Shopify abandoned cart recovery

Studies have shown that while surfing the web many customers forgot to recall their previous browse products. Through abandoned cart recovery feature, you can email the prospective customers and also can provide them coupons or discounts to close the sale. Hence with this follow-up ecommerce website builder tool shopping cart owners will be able to increase their lost sales. Top ecommerce platform Shopify provide such tools with their professional and higher plans. Other than Shopify, BigCommerce is the only ecommerce website builder which provides this feature.

Shopify point of sale system feature

shopify point of sale featurePoint of sale is a very powerful tool which is only provided by Shopify ecommerce software which integrates your physical store with the online ecommerce store. By which you can take complete control over your whole inventory, orders, tax returns & dispatch etc. If you want to add online ecommerce store beside your physical store then Shopify is the only ecommerce software to control your offline as well as online store at a go.

Shopify Vs BigCommerce review

There are a number of other platforms that build & host ecommerce websites as Shopify. One of the most notable ones are BigCommerce & Weebly Ecommerce. Weebly Ecommerce is a great platform ideal for the best ecommerce platform while Weebly also broadly used as a website builder to build any type of websites.
Bigcommerce on the other hand is specialized on online store builder & has a customer service support desk that only operates between 9am and 6pm. This is unlike Shopify’s customer care desk that operates 24/7.

Shopify pricing review

Shopify pricing plansShopify basic plan 

You need to pay a monthly fee of $29 and you will be able to easily set up your store. You also have access to discount codes. The transaction fee here is 2%.

Shopify professional plan 

The professional option requires you to pay a monthly fee of $79 and you have access to cart abandonment emails and professional reports. You need to pay a 1% transaction fee.

Shopify unlimited plan

To access this option you need to pay a monthly fee of $229 and you will have access to advanced reports. You will also have access to real-time carrier shipping. The transaction fee is 0.5%.

Shopify plus plan

This is the largest option thus ideal for large companies that attract a lot of visitors. According to Shopify, this option is ideal for companies that attract over 500,000 hits a minute. If you think this is the right option for you, you need to part with $995 every month. The good side is that you don’t incur transaction fees.

Shopify is also offering discount of 10% on annual payment & 20% if paid for 2 years.

Shopify support

Shopify provides a world class support to its subscribers. They have round the clock support system including phone, live chat & email service.

Final Words

Shopify is a great site that is not only easy to use, but also gives you value for money. Before you settle on a given option, always experiment first. However, while writing Shopify reviews we cannot find any adverse about it & hence we highly recommend Shopify as the best ecommerce web hosting solution.